Fraud Awareness for Managers

Instructor:  Courtenay M. Thompson Jr.

About Our Fraud Training for Managers

Managers form the first line of defense in the battle against dishonest and fraudulent activity.  Executives, operating and financial managers need to know fraud schemes that might occur in their areas, and how to prevent or detect them.

Fraud Awareness for Managers

There may be no greater challenges for executives today than those presented by fraud.  The media is filled with stories about managers blindsided by trusted employees or predatory outsiders.  Managers must protect the organization not only from losses such as embezzlement, computer crime and contractor fraud, but also from fraud for the organization such as fraudulent financial reporting, antitrust violations, bribery and sales misrepresentation.  If the fraud losses are not enough of a problem, mishandling of cases can be more costly than the fraud itself.  In our fast-changing environment, trained managers are needed to protect their organizations from fraud-related losses.

This one-day course is designed to raise awareness and change beliefs about responsibilities and expectations.  Lecture and exercises combine with specific examples and proven techniques to provide practical approaches for this challenging area. 

Topics covered include:

  • The challenge fraud presents managers and organizations
  • Understanding who really steals and the role of controls
  • Why risk management initiatives won't stop fraud
  • The role of fraud policy and executive actions
  • A model for addressing fraud challenges
  • Why managers don't detect fraud
  • Requirements for detection
  • The manager's five step approach to fraud detection
  • Case examples and symptoms of fraud occurrence
  • Understanding behavioral red flags of fraud
  • Building fraud detection into routine management practices
  • Fraud in the computerized business environment
  • A four step approach to fraud prevention
  • Why internal controls break down
  • Accountability for detection
  • Defining and communicating fraud-related expectations for managers

Conducting Fraud Awareness in house:

In-house programs, modified to include fraud examples specific to their industry, allow participants to apply the concepts to their own work environment.  Clients have reported that our in-house seminars have helped managers better understand their roles, improved accountability and dramatically increased their effectiveness in detecting and preventing fraud.  Past in-house clients include airlines, utilities, banks, pharmaceutical firms, food companies, insurance carriers and oil and gas companies as well as a wide range of government organizations.


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