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About Courtenay Thompson & Associates  

Courtenay Thompson & Associates provides training, development and advisory services for internal auditors, accountants, investigators, and management personnel in corporations, government and non-profit organizations.

Courses are designed to address the situations and issues actually encountered by auditors.  Exercises and cases are used to supplement and reinforce the concepts presented.  The participants have the opportunity to explore ideas and benefit from interaction with others.

Our sessions are developed and led by instructors who have extensive work experience in the topic being taught.  That experience is continually enhanced by input from colleagues and clients.  Experience and solid course design combine with training expertise to assure a high quality learning experience.

  • We believe that auditing done well can be exciting and satisfying, and of tremendous benefit to the organization. 
  • We believe that auditing done poorly is of no value and provides little satisfaction.
  • We believe that training can help increase effectiveness.
  • We believe that effective training results in behavioral change.
  • We are committed to constant improvement.

Training that Pays - Client Experiences

"You helped us change our ethical culture."

"You make our people think!  Thank you!"

"At least one attendee was paying attention.  She returned to a payroll audit in progress, modified her audit program, and detected a $65,000 overtime fraud by a payroll department employee."

Responding to unbelievable generosity by an employee, an attendee at Fraud Awareness for Managers called for an audit of the area.  The audit revealed the generous employee had embezzled $250,000 in 20 months.  The manager said he learned to be skeptical of unbelievable generosity in the course.

While reviewing internal audit working papers a manager required two staff auditors to follow up on several exceptions using methods recommended in Increasing Auditor Effectiveness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud.  As a result an audit department that had never detected fraud quickly detected three frauds exceeding $600,000.

Within 72 hours of attending Controlling Construction Costs a project manager successfully challenged $70,000 in a change order.  He said he would not have questioned it before the course. 

The perfunctory annual audit of health benefits administration had never yielded results of interest.  After an in-house tailored course on auditing health benefits the client put together a multidisciplinary audit team.  The next audit was in more depth and resulted in recovery of $11.5 million and the rewriting of administrative contracts.

After attending Fraud Awareness for Managers, in which contract overcharges are discussed, plant accounting personnel audited $25 million of maintenance contract billings resulting in recovery of $4 million.

One month after the tailored Contract Administration course a mining company reported reducing a proposed blasting contract from $6.6 million to $5 million.  They attributed $1.1 million of the reduction to the team negotiation approach adapted after the course.

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