Programs for Chapters of Professional Associations

Many successful chapters have found that stimulating, thought provoking educational offerings can build the chapter while providing needed continuing professional development.  Since 1982, we have been presenting programs for Chapters throughout North America.  All courses include cases and examples based upon actual situations encountered.  The courses include many proven concepts and practices and are updated regularly.

We provide suggestions and course description for use in chapter marketing.  We will work with your chapter to assure not only a positive training experience for participants, but also a financial success.

The following one-day programs have been successfully presented through professional associations:

  • Increasing Auditor Effectiveness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud
  • Fraud Awareness for Finance Professionals
  • A New Look at Fraud for Auditors
  • Fraud Strategies & Tactics
  • Construction Fraud Awareness
  • Using Data Analysis to Detect Fraud & Error
  • Addressing Corruption & Conflict of Interests
  • Effective Contract Auditing
  • Effective Audit Interviewing
  • Personal Skills for Professional Success
  • Behavior & Communication Skills for Auditors
  • Increasing Personal and Professional Effectiveness
  • Personal Effectiveness Techniques of Successful Fraud Examiners
  • How to Audit Health Benefits Administration

All instructors have extensive audit experience in the topics they teach, and are committed to providing the best learning experience possible.

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