Meet Our Instructors

Courtenay M. Thompson Jr.

Mr. Thompson is a recognized authority on training managers, auditors and investigators in fraud-related matters.  He has designed and presented courses on fraud prevention, detection and investigation for business and government organizations worldwide.  His courses are known for providing practical, proven approaches to real problems.  These practical approaches have yielded dramatic results for class attendees.

In addition to providing training on fraud-related matters, Mr. Thompson develops and conducts courses on improving audit effectiveness, contract auditing, audit interviewing, personal and professional effectiveness, and behavior and communication skills.  He is the co-developer with R. L. Townsend, of a series of courses on audit and control of construction costs.  He is also co-developer with Richard Stohl of a series of courses on audit and control of health benefits administration.  For 13 years, Mr. Thompson was editor of "Fraud Findings" in The Internal Auditor magazine.

Mr. Thompson's experience prior to entering the consulting field includes public accounting, audit supervisor for consumer financial services for a large retailer, and director of auditing for a life insurance company.  His career in public accounting and internal auditing provided exposure to a number of types of impropriety including embezzlement, insurance fraud, loan fraud, stock fraud, kickbacks and bribery, misappropriation of funds and mail fraud.

In addition to personally detecting and investigating suspected fraud cases, he established corporate policies for fraud and trained other auditors in fraud detection and investigation.  Responsibilities included working with top management and reporting to the audit committee on the status of open cases.  He has worked closely with legal counsel, law enforcement and prosecutors.

Courtenay Thompson received his BBA and MBA degrees from Southern Methodist University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Richard L. Townsend

Rich Townsend is president of the consulting firm R. L. Townsend & Associates, Inc., which provides construction audit services and construction cost control management advisory consulting services to Owners.  R. L. Townsend & Associates is affiliated with Courtenay Thompson & Associates for the purpose of providing professional development training seminars on construction auditing and construction cost control. 

Mr. Townsend has been active as an instructor programs sponsored nationwide by The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.  He has also instructed in-house seminars related to construction contract audit and construction cost control for a wide variety of organizations and industries.  For purposes of providing professional development training seminars and for sharing construction cost control information with clients and course attendees, he established Construction Audit & Cost Control Institute, Inc. (

Prior to starting his consulting firm, Rich spent 13 years with the auditing department of JCPenney.  During his internal auditing career (1971-1984), he served in several staff and audit management positions with a specialization in audits of construction contract activity.

Mr. Townsend is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Public Accountant.  He is a graduate of Waynesburg College (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in accounting. 

Richard M. Stohl

Richard M. Stohl has extensive health benefits administration audit and cost control experience and is a recognized authority in the field.  He is the co-founder and president of QBA Consulting Corporation, which specializes in quantitative benefit administration audits, data analysis and consulting in cost controls and program stewardship.  Rich is affiliated with Courtenay Thompson & Associates for the purpose of providing professional development training seminars on health benefits administration audits and cost controls.

Mr. Stohl has helped corporate and government clients identify millions of dollars of cost overcharges and payment errors, and establish practical methods and procedures to reduce future problems.  Stohl designed and implemented his company's Medical Analysis and Review System (MARS) which tests and rates health benefits claim adjudication systems and identifies claim payment errors.  He has written numerous articles and lectured on this topic.

Rich is a Certified Public Accountant and has earned the Health Insurance Associate (HIA) and Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP) designations from the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA).  He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.  He has a BA in Accounting from San Diego State University and a MS in Business Financial Management from George Washington University.  Mr. Stohl served on the Executive Committee of the Texas HealthCare Anti-Fraud Association from 1991 to 1999. 

Scott Langlinais

Scott Langlinais delivers training seminars worldwide on properly addressing fraud, waste and abuse.  He has worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, top public accounting firms, and government entities to design and implement strategies for establishing an environment hostile towards fraud.  On a tactical level, he teaches concepts such as data analysis techniques and a five-step approach to fraud detection that finance professionals, auditors and investigators have used to successfully prevent, detect and respond to wrongdoing.

Scott has spoken at conferences hosted by the IIA and AICPA as well as local meetings of professional associations.  He writes quarterly articles about fraud prevention and detection for the International Risk Management Institute.

Prior to starting his own practice in 2003, Scott held public accounting and internal audit leadership positions and served as Director of Internal Audit and Security for a NASDAQ 100 software company.  His investigations of fraud and gross negligence have resulted in removal of perpetrators, successful litigation, and recovery of millions of dollars.

Scott is the founder and director of the Dallas Tax Assistance Program, a not-for-profit entity providing free tax assistance to low-income families.  He received a BBA degree from the University of Notre Dame and is a Certified Public Accountant. 

Charles E. Wertheimer Jr.

Charley Wertheimer is an independent consultant affiliated with Courtenay Thompson & Associates for the purpose of providing professional development training seminars in contract administration and auditing. Mr. Wertheimer's broad range of professional experiences enables him to bring a unique perspective to the courses he presents.

Mr. Wertheimer has experience in all phases of contract administration including, contract preparation and negotiations, the development of policy and procedures, and contract auditing. His Internal Controls experience includes the development and management of a global "Profit Recovery" audit program in which he led the development of the contract audit program, contract risk assessment techniques and contract auditing training. Mr. Wertheimer has "third party" audit experience in a wide range of areas including accounts payable, construction, contracting operations, freight, materials purchases, VAT, communications, advertising, legal, health care and general service contracts. His experiences in auditing these areas enable him to provide personal insight on the administration, execution and opportunities associated with contract auditing.

Mr. Wertheimer retired from The Procter & Gamble Company in 2002 after 36 years of service.  He began his career in 1966 in P&G's manufacturing organization and had increasing responsibilities in Operations, Industrial Engineering and Human Resources prior to two Plant Manager assignments in P&G's pulp manufacturing operations.  In 1988, he transferred into P&G's Finance Accounting organization where he had responsibilities including Finance & Accounting Manager for the Cellulose & Specialties Division, manager of the Paper Division's North American Product Supply Finance and Accounting organization, and Associate Director - Internal Controls.

In addition to the development of the Profit Recovery program, Mr. Wertheimer's program management experience includes Strategic Business Planning, Total Quality, and Manufacturing Reliability.  His Human Resource experience includes both Industrial Relations and Organization Development. 

Mr. Wertheimer graduated from Princeton University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida and is a member of the Northeast Florida Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Mark R. Kolman

Mark Kolman is a highly regarded instructor providing training for auditors, accountants, and business groups on fraud-related issues. Since 1984, he has designed and presented courses on auditing and fraud for professional and business organizations as well as courses on human relations and public speaking.  Mark is affiliated with Courtenay Thompson & Associates for the purpose of providing professional development training seminars on fraud and behavior and communication skills.

Mark's experience includes private accounting as a chief accountant, public accounting, non-profit   and governmental auditing, and audit supervision for large entities within the agricultural, financial services, and utility industries.  He has supervised risk-based audits that facilitated fraud detection and prevention, risk mitigation, and corporate and regulatory compliance for a Fortune 500 utility with energy, telecommunication, and logistical service subdivisions.  In this capacity, he served as an additional resource for his corporation's security and investigations department and performed work assignments with that group.  These experiences have given him analytical and detection skills relating to defalcation schemes, contractor fraud, embezzlements, kickbacks, and misappropriation of funds and other assets.  Mark is currently a General Audit Manager for a governmental entity.

In addition to personally auditing for and investigating suspected fraud, he headed development of a corporate-wide fraud awareness course for managers and supervisors.  He has also worked closely with his organization's legal group, assisting in their investigations into reported fraud and ethics issues.

Mark received his BA and MA degrees from the University of South Florida and holds a master's degree in adult education. He has published articles for related professional journals in the realm of fraud detection, prevention, and risk mitigation. He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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