Course List

The following courses are available for public offering by professional associations and for in-house presentation.  Our courses can be tailored to fit the specific training objectives and scheduling requirements of the organization.  We also speak at conferences on selected topics.

One-day Courses:

Multi-day Courses:  

  • Fraud Awareness for Managers
  • Fraud Awareness for Finance Professionals
  • Fraud Awareness for Government Finance Professionals
  • Increasing Auditor Effectiveness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud
  • Construction Fraud Awareness
  • A New Look at Fraud for Auditors
  • Addressing Corruption & Conflict of Interests
  • Audit Planning & Leadership Skills
  • Investigation Workshop for Internal Auditors
  • Detecting Fraud Using Data Analysis
  • Effective Audit Interviewing
  • Personal Skills for Professional Success 
  • Behavior & Communication Skills for Auditors
  • Increasing Personal and Professional Effectiveness
  • Personal Effectiveness Techniques of Successful Fraud Examiners 
  • Effective Procurement & Contracting Practices
  • Effective Contract Auditing    

  • Fraud Detection & Investigation for Internal Auditors
  • Fraud Detection & Investigation for Government Auditors
  • Purchasing Fraud - Detection, Prevention & Response
  • Contract and Procurement Fraud
  • Construction Fraud: Detection, Prevention & Response
  • Auditing Contracts:  Auditing that Pays!
  • Contract Auditing (adapted for government auditors)
  • Improving Contract Management Controls
  • Controlling Construction Costs
  • Effective Auditing of Construction Activity 
  • Audit & Control of Health Benefits Administration
  • Audit Practices Workshop
  • Fraud Risk Workshop
  • Detecting Fraud Using IDEA
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