Practice of Internal Auditing


Instructor:  Courtenay M. Thompson Jr.

Internal auditors do different things, depending upon the organization they are with, the location and the direction received from management and the board.  Some detect fraud and conduct investigations, others don't.  Some audit third parties such as contractors, vendors, administrators, joint venture partners, customers and franchisees.  Others don't.  Some do extensive data mining.  Others don't.

One thing that all professional auditors have in common is a commitment to doing better, and one way to do that is by learning what others have found effective in specific areas.  This is rarely accomplished by surveys of best practices, but can be accomplished by sharing challenges and concerns, and hearing solutions that have worked for others.

Our workshops provide practical approaches for beginning auditors, lead auditors and audit executives.  In addition clients have requested training tailored to meet specific needs.  Following is a sample outline for such a tailored program.

Audit Practices Workshop

  • Exploring Audit Practices
  • Factors Contributing to Credibility
  • Factors Which Have Detracted From Auditor Credibility
  • Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Good Decision Making Processes
  • Planning the Audit
  • The Auditor's Understanding of Internal Controls
  • Flowcharts - Uses and Misuse
  • Ways to Get Around Controls
  • Why Internal Controls Breakdown
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Suggestions for Project Control
  • Working Papers Problems and Practices
  • Developing High Impact Audit Findings
  • Communicating Results
  • Avoiding Chartjunk
  • Reports - Behavioral Aspects
  • Suggestions for Auditing Purchasing and Contracting
  • Factors Contributing to Fraudulent Financial Reporting
  • Suggestions For Dealing With The Audit Committee

This course is highly participative and designed to address real needs. 

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