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Construction Fraud: Detection, Prevention & Response

Instructor:  Courtenay M. Thompson Jr.


Course Description

No one knows the cost of fraud in construction projects, but it is safe to say dishonesty is alive and well in the construction arena.  Construction-related fraud exposures include corruption, kickbacks, conflicts of interest, performance issues and predatory practices.  Political considerations and relationships combine with the very nature of construction projects to make fraud difficult to detect and even harder to handle.

In this course attendees will explore types of fraud common to construction, techniques for reducing construction related fraud and how to respond when fraud surfaces.  This course is about fraud in construction.  Not theory, but what really happens.  It explores what is going on and what attendees and their organizations can do to reduce the impact of fraud.  The course is practical and hands on, loaded with strategies and tactics, tips and techniques.

Learning Objectives 

Upon completion, attendees will know:

  • How and where fraud occurs in construction activity.

  • The most common construction-related frauds.

  • Factors that contribute to construction fraud.

  • What makes fraud in construction different and difficult to handle.

  • How to create an environment hostile to fraud.

  • Best practices for gifts and entertainment.

  • Practical prevention practices.

  • How contract language can deter or encourage fraud.

  • How to build detection into routine audit and management practices.

  • Suggestions for detecting bid rigging and price fixing.

  • Effective investigation of suspected wrongdoing.

  • How to prove suspected wrongdoing.

  • Specific investigative tips and techniques.

  • Use of checklists and charts.

  • Practical considerations for dealing with law enforcement.

Who should attend:

Anyone committed to making a difference in the construction fraud arena -

nternal auditors
Project managers

Risk managers
Finance professionals

 - whether employed by companies, government or not-for-profits, or in public practice.  This course is designed primarily for owner's representatives, but contractors can benefit as well.

16 CPE - Field of Study:  Auditing 































































Effective Auditing of Construction Activity

Instructor:  Richard L. Townsend

Course Description

This two-day seminar provides auditors with the ability to look beyond their traditional auditor role by providing insight on how to partner with their management team to conduct effective audits of their organization's construction activity.  Specific "how to" construction audit techniques and other industry specific detailed information will be discussed to enhance the attendees' abilities to identify and develop potential cost avoidance and/or cost recovery opportunities.  It will also provide auditors with specific knowledge to help them identify opportunities for key process improvements related to construction procurement and contract administration.

The course will emphasize effective construction audit strategies and construction cost control techniques for projects involving the use of the following types of construction contracts:

  • Cost plus FEE - Construction Manager at Risk - Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts

  • Cost plus FEE - Design-Build GMP contracts

  • Cost plus FEE contracts with General Contractors (with or without a GMP)

  • Cost plus FEE contracts with major subcontractors/trade subcontracts (with or without a GMP)

  • Lump sum and/or Unit price trade subcontracts

 Learning Objectives 

  • Owner's construction auditors will learn specific "how to" techniques for conducting effective audits of their organization's construction activity.

  • Owner's project managers will learn specific key control points that will increase their ability to manage the costs of their construction projects.

  • Owner's project managers will learn how to effectively partner their construction auditors to more effectively control the costs of their construction projects.

  • Issues to consider to avoid costly mistakes when entering into contruction contracts.

  • Key steps to ensure the best value is received when the CM/GC contracts with subcontractors.

  • Critical process to ensure change orders are priced fairly.

  • Process to control costs related to materials purchased by the contractor.

  • How to structure your contract to avoid overpaying for contractor owned equipment.

  • Possible overcharges for third party equipment to watch out for. 

  • How to avoid making excessive payments for subguard and/or contractor controlled insurance programs.

  • Methods to effectively minimize contract loopholes that create opportunity for contractor hidden profits.

  • Management/construction audit partnering strategies to ensure cost controls are working to benefit the project. 

Who should attend:

Owner organization representatives who are involved with auditing or administering construction activity including:

  • Owner's construction audit representatives (internal audit and/or external consultants)

  • Owner's construction management executives, project managers, administrators, procurement representatives and legal representatives.

16 CPE - Field of Study:  Auditing 


Continuing Education Credits

All participants are eligible to receive up to 16 Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE's) to fulfill professional accreditation requirements.  Course Level: Basic. Group-live, lecture-style seminar; no prerequisites or advanced preparation required. For information regarding CPE, complaint, or program cancellation, please contact Courtenay Thompson & Associates at 214-361-8346.

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