We provide practical, experience-based courses for committed professionals – internal auditors, accountants, CPAs, finance professionals and management.                                                                                                         

Our courses are developed and led by instructors with extensive work experience in the topic being taught.  Experience and solid course design
combine with training expertise to assure a high quality learning experience.    

Fraud Awareness for Managers Fraud Detection & Investigation Construction Cost Control & Audit
Control & Audit of Contracts Who We Are! Data Mining
Health Benefits Administration Personal & Professional Effectiveness Practice of Internal Auditing

Detecting Fraud Using IDEA

Instructor:  Scott Langlinais

November 5-6 in Dallas


Construction Fraud: Detection, Prevention & Response

Instructor: Courtenay M. Thompson

July 29-30 in Dallas


Effective Auditing of Construction Activity

Instructor:  Richard L. Townsend

July 29-30 in Dallas


Annual Construction Audit & Cost Control
Best Practices Roundtable Workshop

October 28-29 in Las Vegas

Offered jointly with the Construction Audit & Cost Control Institute 




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